Wholesale App

Our wholesale solution lets you manage every distribution channel and maintain total control over your fashion supply chain from factory to customer with multi warehouse ability, scanning and integrated distribution centres across many countries. It also provides for special handling, such as an ASOS APP that makes it easy to sell and deliver to ASOS.

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B2B Trade Webstore

Our B2B trade webstore allows you to showcase your brand directly to retailers, whether its forward sales or top-up from your existing stock. A key advantage is that it allows your customers to quickly restock in-season and adds another powerful revenue stream to your bottom line.

It is a fully integrated platform that lets you showcase your current and future lines within a secure user and password protected environment. Retailers can view and select the lines they want with the resulting order placed immediately into your own stock system for rapid dispatch. Importantly, it guarantees that you retain full control over who sees your prices and who can browse your lines. This safeguards the pricing strategy of your fashion brand at all times and ensures complete commercial privacy.

Priced on a sliding scale that makes it attractive to small and larger fashion brands alike, the platform is a superb solution for brands who deal with trade suppliers as well as direct-to-consumer.


Mobile Tablet Order Taker

i.LEVEL Mobile lets you take orders anywhere with a laptop (Apple or Windows) or tablet (Windows) and have the data uploaded to HQ for same-day dispatch.No WiFi is needed, ensuring that wherever your agents are – on the road, showroom or a trade event – orders can be taken quickly and efficiently.

Perfectly suited to the needs of fashion agents and reps, it provides up-to-date stock information ensuring that orders are only taken for in-stock styles – avoiding inaccurate and wasteful orders. It also allows for forward orders of next season’s lines, no matter if selling in packs or free, or both.

It additionally lets you quick scan by product code or sell from your catalogue where larger images often make it easier for buyers to select – particularly on the move. Furthermore, only the information you want your agent to see is displayed, ensuring full commercial privacy.

For agents on the move there is simply no better solution.

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