i.LEVEL’s comprehensive and scalable stock management solutions are used by fashion brands throughout the UK and Ireland. We have dozens of satisfied clients who use us to underpin their fashion business operations – you can read some of their testimonials below. If you would like to find out more about how i.LEVEL can help your fashion brand, please call us now on 01234 761 757 or reach out via email.


Kevin Hallett

CEO, Hallett Retail Logistics Ltd | Executive Director, Hallett Retail Services Ltd

Hallett Retail Group have worked with Leif and his team at i.LEVEL for over 10 Years now.

His software and its rapid implementation methodology has allowed us to integrate seamlessly to many retail partners.

We can always count on i.LEVEL for a great level of ongoing support, helping us to care for our brands, suppliers and customers.

I would recommend i.LEVEL software implemented by Leif’s amazing team and thank him for the dedication to our business.


Sas Alavi


After many years of searching and trialing software programs to manage our wholesale, retail and e-commerce business we were at a loss what to do. Putting aside the financial loss, we spent hours sitting with consultants who did not understand the clothing business and built databases that eventually did not get used properly. Software should be designed around you, not you around it.

i.level is run by a dedicated team that understands the clothing sector – consultations are short and refreshing because trade cycles, supplier relationships and inventory management are quickly understood. Given that the owner, Leif, has run his own wholesale business, i.level is in a unique position to provide helpful suggestions to improve business performance.

Most importantly you can buy i.level in modules allowing you to manage your budgets and pick and choose what you need. If you are a small or medium retail firm I would book in a consultation and consider i.level as your software solution.


Nicky Sallas


We have been using i.level for almost a year to manage both our wholesale and concession business. To date, i.level has served our needs very well, the support team has been fantastic and we cannot recommend i.level highly enough.


Rajan Anand


As a multi-platform/channel business, we have always required a stock management and sales system which reflects this. In i.level, we have found a solution which not only meets our existing needs but, by being modular, we are confident it will meet our future needs and growth too.

Our setup means we are currently using Core, Warehouse Scanning, Store Scanning and Concession; all of which are integrated into one system, meaning we have the confidence to grow our business with the assurance of an effective and invaluable stock control system.


Colin Cambel


i.level has transformed the way we work. We are turning stock around faster than ever before. In the warehouse man hours have been cut by 40%, thanks to barcode scanning for goods in and out. Pick & pack using scanners makes it easy for anyone to learn. Even when busy you cannot pick or pack the wrong stock.

We have eliminated order input in the office as all sales staff are equipped with i.level Mobile on laptops. It is faster and more secure and by uploading new orders every day using mobile phones we are always up to date with what’s selling.

Mobile sync also means that our sales staffs are always up to date with stock lists and available to sell figures.

Training, help and assistance from i.level is second to none. What I like is when I suggest an improvement, they listen and often we find it is build in at next upgrade. It makes me confident that i.level is not only for today and tomorrow but will evolve with our and other companies foresight.


Uttam Nepal


We started using i.level software in 2004. Uttam London has since then seen a dramatic increase in business with huge international expansion as well as growth in our domestic business in all areas including distribution, retail and concession.

i.level has grown with us and always been able to match our sometimes special needs. Their expertise in the software as well as the clothing business makes it easy for us to work together.


Rachel Perrett


i.level is a fantastic stock management program for Closet. As a company enjoying expansion, the wholesale and retail functions allow us to successfully manage our warehouse, customers and concessions and also grow our business. We receive excellent support from the head office and the software has very regular updates and improvements.

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