Stock Management

At the heart of i.LEVEL is our stock control solution, which gives a 360° overview of your stock wherever it sits in the supply chain. It lets you optimise profits through ‘smart merchandising’ across multi-sales channels and maximises your sales potential.

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The 360° Fashion Software Solution for Smart Back-end Merchandising

At its heart, i.LEVEL is a single-view stock control system that gives a complete overview of all your sales channels. It allows you to track clothing and accessories from factory to warehouse, store to customer, website to home address. Our single screen dashboard shows you what lines are selling and where, and with a few clicks lets you redistribute stock quickly. Redundant stock is minimised, and sales discounting avoided.

Unlike most stock control systems, our solution is built exclusively for the fashion industry. Fully scalable, it allows you to allocate stock by size, colour and styles. Just as importantly, it also provides full data integration with Xero (and an export to Sage) ensuring that all revenues are accounted for. We also let you choose between an inhouse server or a hosted cloud solution, giving you freedom to select the right option if you’re WiFi strength is less than ideal. 

Our clients see it as taking back control of their multi-sales channels. We like to call it smart merchandising.

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