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Integrate your website with i.LEVEL allowing you to maximise your online operational performance – saving you time, resources and money. Integration is straightforward using our well-documented API.


This solution lets you take full advantage of i.LEVEL allowing you to control, pick, pack and dispatch web sales quickly and efficiently. It also offers numerous reports across sales, stock inventory, concessions and includes other valuable information such as returns data. This lets you identify and remedy problems quickly and smartly.


If you use Shopify or BigCommerce our existing integrations for these two platforms can be enabled rapidly. What’s more, your i.LEVEL integration will give you even more options and efficiencies when using these platforms.

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eCommerce Integrations

Over the past 15 years, i.LEVEL has developed a series of integrations and modules that make it quick and easy to maximise your brand’s ecomm potential across a wide range of digital channels.

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Connect Portal

What is it?

A new sales channel open to all fashion brands, allowing any brand to turn its eCommerce website into a web platform that lets other brands sell on its site as a Dropship Model. This can vastly enhance web traffic, sales, and turnover. 

The hosting brand can elect to invite competing or complementary brands to its site. For instance, a clothing brand can invite jewellery, footwear, bags, and accessory brands to sell on its site. In return it might choose to reciprocate and sell on one or more of these brands’ sites too, or it could choose not to. 

Bottom line: By partnering together, brands can enhance their traffic and sales, and compete better with the larger, more established fashion brands.

Here’s how it works

Connect is a portal that sits between the guest brand and the website of the host brand. A brand will upload all the stock information into the portal, and within the portal make the additional settings required to align the information with that of the host brand – we call it enriching the style.

The items then go live and sales can be made.

Once an order is placed on the website, the order will be available to the brand. On the Connect Portal the brand will download the order to do the pick, pack, and dispatch from their own warehouse. Then, a simple upload of the shipping info (with tracking details) will go via the Connect Portal to the host brand’s website so the consumer will be notified of the delivery details and have access to the Tracking Details.

Only stock available is displayed on the eCommerce site, and a daily refresh of store stock ensures that this information remains accurate. 

The Connect Portal also offers brands the facility to make price changes, undertake promotions and give discounts, etc.



Key Ecomm Integrations

  • Shopify

    This integration is a ‘hosted ecommerce’ solution that allows you to control your stock in i.LEVEL, upload the info to Shopify, and manage your stock when sales are made.

  • Amazon

    This integration allows your brand to trade seamlessly with Amazon’s platform and maintain full stock oversight as well as monitor product performance.

  • eBay

    This integration lets you trade with eBay seamlessly, with all the stock control capabilities you expect from i.LEVEL.

  • Zalando

    Our integration with Tradebyte lets you sell within Zalando’s global fashion e-marketplace marketplace easily.

  • SilkFred

    This online marketplace promotes 600+ independent fashion brands and emerging designers.

  • BigCommerce

    A more robust, commercial ‘version’ of Shopify, this is better for larger and more established fashion brands.

  • Debenhams Web

    This is the 11th biggest UK online retailer by traffic volume, and another of our key integrations.

  • La Redoute

    Founded in 1837, this is the leading mail order and ecommerce company in France. We are integrated with La Redoute

  • Simply Be

    The UK’s leading ecommerce platform for curvy and plus size women. We are integrated with Simply Be.

  • Showroomprive is a French e-commerce company specialising in online flash sales.

  • Next

    Next has one of the UK’s most popular fashion websites selling clothing and accessories from a wide range of fashion brands.

  • Secretsales

    The UK equivalent of the French e-commerce company Showroomprive.

Key Ecomm Gateway Integrations


One of the biggest web gateways in Europe which allows multiple ecommerce sites to work seamlessly within i.LEVEL.



A gateway that offers warehousing in central Germany. Tradebyte, is incidentally, owned by Zalando.



A French gateway that also allows multiple eCommerce integrations.



ChannelAdvisor is one of the industry’s most trusted e-commerce solutions, helping global brands and retailers solve all their ecomm needs in a single, centralized platform.


Custom Integrations

Sometimes our clients ask for a bespoke integration with a third-party platform or logistics company that demands specialised IT development. We can do this for you.

There are two routes to choose from:

  • We can integrate with a third party for you.
  • You and your third-party partner can use our well documented REST API and create your own integration.

We have wide ranging experience in bespoke integrations and this knowledge is passed on to you – ensuring you avoid the numerous pitfalls and instead take advantage of the efficiencies offered by a seamless, smooth integration.

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