Warehouse Scanning App

If you are processing large warehouse orders across multi-sales channels, our state-of-the-art warehouse scanning solution can save hundreds of man hours. It enables multiple jobs on the same device, further streamlining your operations and cutting down turnaround times.

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Faster stocktake = increased dispatch accuracy, better merchandising

Designed for warehouse stock management, our barcode scanner lets you pick, pack and dispatch up to 40% quicker and far more accurately, with swift turnaround times.

Orders for pick, pack and dispatch are sent to the scan queue, where each scanner can pick up an order and start picking – it’s that straightforward.

Very large orders can also be split onto multiple scanners allowing several pickers to work on the same order.

A key feature is that it uses WiFi, so wherever the warehouse is located – near or hundreds of miles away – data can be transferred and downloaded instantly. It also includes ‘scan to box’ which ensures delivery notes are auto-created with box numbers.

In short, i.LEVEL warehouse scanning offers multiple solutions that let you pick, pack and dispatch far more quickly and accurately.

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