Supplier & Garment Tech Portal

Our Supplier & Garment Tech Portal is a platform that lets you share all your garment specs with suppliers in real-time – from initial sample through size spec, grading spec as well as fabric and trim details.

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It speeds up the design and manufacture of your garments in terms of quality, fit and detail.

Here’s how it works:

  • The solution lets you and your suppliers collaborate securely on one single platform.
  • It lets you add garment details and comments as well as images, drawings, and other essentials.
  • Once size spec is confirmed, you can seamlessly move on to the grading spec and production can commence.
  • It then moves to our Production Portal where each supplier receives a Purchase Order along with quantities, packing instructions, and other relevant details.
  • You can then follow the timeline from ‘order accepted’ to ‘waiting for materials’ to subsequent ‘packing’ P.S. Packing list details are entered by the factory: if the quantity varies from the Purchase Order, an approval from you is needed for the factory to take the next step.

By working in real-time on a shared platform with your suppliers, combined with notifications, instant messaging, and email reminders, you can speed up the ‘sample to warehouse’ cycle for all your garments!

Click here for an overview or contact us at and we’ll arrange a demo on Microsoft Teams.

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