New Product Launch!

user Posted on February 5, 2021

We’ve just launched a brand new sales channel – i.LEVEL Connect – which lets you sell on other brands websites. It also lets other brands sell on your website too if you so wish.

In short, i.LEVEL Connect allows any fashion brand to turn its ecommerce website into a web platform that lets other brands sell on its site, using the dropship model of sales fulfilment.

You can invite fashion brands that would fit well with your current product range to sell on your website – jewellery, footwear, bags, clothing, etc – giving you a dynamic new sales channel for little effort, as well as increased web traffic to your existing lines. It also gives you more clout when competing against the bigger fashion ecommerce platforms.

In return, you might want to sell on these other brands’ websites too, further expanding your own sales channels.

How does it work?

  • Connect is a portal that sits between the guest brand and the website of the host brand. A guest brand will upload all the stock information into the portal, and within the portal make the additional settings required to align the information with that of the host brand.
  • The items then go live and sales can be made.
  • Once an order is placed on the website, the order will be available to the guest brand. On the Connect Portal the guest brand will download the order to do the pick, pack, and dispatch from their own warehouse.
  • Then, a simple upload of the shipping info (with tracking details) will go via the Connect Portal to the host brand’s website so the consumer will be notified of the delivery details and have access to the Tracking Details.

Only stock available is displayed on the ecommerce site, and a daily refresh of stock levels ensures that this information remains accurate. The Connect Portal also lets brands make price changes, undertake promotions, and give discounts, etc.

It’s straightforward, fast to set up, and can turbo charge your sales online – if you’d like to know more, just email us on



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