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user Posted on June 3, 2020

Over the past ten years, i.LEVEL has developed a series of integrations and modules that make it quick and easy to maximise your brand’s ecomm potential across a wide range of digital channels. Here’s what we offer:

Key Ecomm Integrations

  • Shopify: This integration is a ‘hosted ecommerce’ solution that allows you to control your stock in i.LEVEL, upload the info to Shopify, and manage your stock when sales are made. Full details here.
  • Amazon: This integration allows your brand to trade seamlessly with Amazon’s platform and maintain full stock oversight as well as monitor product performance. Full details here.
  • eBay: This integration lets you trade with eBay seamlessly, with all the stock control capabilities you expect from i.LEVEL. Phone for more details
  • Zalando: Our integration with Tradebyte lets you sell within Zalando’s global fashion e-marketplace marketplace easily. Full details here.
  • SilkFred: This online marketplace promotes 600+ independent fashion brands and emerging designers. Full details here.
  • BigCommerce: A more robust, commercial ‘version’ of Shopify, this is better for larger and more established fashion brands. Full details here.
  • Debenhams Web: This is the 11th biggest UK online retailer by traffic volume, and another of our key integrations. Phone for more details
  • Simply Be: The UK’s leading ecommerce platform for curvy and plus size women. We are integrated with Simply Be. Phone for more details
  • La Redoute: Founded in 1837, this is the leading mail order and ecommerce company in France. We are integrated with La Redoute. Phone for more details
  • Secretsales & Showroomprive: is a French e-commerce company specialising in online flash sales. Their equivalent UK site is called Secretsales. Phone for more details

Key Ecomm Gateway Integrations

  • Mirakl: One of the biggest web gateways in Europe which allows multiple ecommerce sites to work seamlessly within i.LEVEL.
  • Tradebyte: A gateway that offers warehousing in central Germany. Tradebyte, is incidentally, owned by Zalando.
  • Neteven: A French gateway that also allows multiple eCommerce integrations.

If you would like to expand YOUR BRAND’S ecomm sales channels, call us now on 01234 761 757 or email



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